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The Best Stay-at-Home Mom Routine

Being a stay-at-home mom can feel monotonous. Here is an easy stay-at-home mom routine to follow that will make your days more manageable while surrounded by children and dirty laundry!

Alone Time

On the days I feel most productive, I start my morning off with alone time and coffee! This has been one of the most valuable things I added to my daily routine. I have gotten into the habit of doing my daily devotions in the morning too because if I don’t, I’ll never get a free minute to do it. Whatever you need to do to feel like the best mom for the rest of the day, make time in the morning to do just that!

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Play Time For Kids

To add an extra few moments to my alone time, I try to have an activity or schoolwork ready for the kids to do in the morning before breakfast. This gives me a little more peace and quiet (hopefully) before the day truly begins.

Some ideas for morning activities include:

  • sensory bins
  • silent reading
  • legos
  • playdough
  • puzzles
  • podcasts
  • scavenger hunts

Breakfast & Chores

Breakfast is normally the most chaotic meal in our house. All of the kids want to help which inevitably makes a mess. I make it a chore for both them and myself to clean the kitchen after breakfast so it doesn’t stay messy for the rest of the day.

This leads to other chores for me and school to begin for my oldest which takes up the rest of the morning until lunch. Check out our daily homeschool schedule here.

I generally like to start a load of laundry in the morning so I can put that load away by the end of the day. I also like to stay on top of the dishes throughout the day so I don’t have a pile-up of dirty dishes at dinner time. This helps limit my after-dinner clean-up!

Outside Time

I have found that whatever the weather, and my begrudging attitude, we all feel better after we have spent some time outdoors.

This past summer I started the “1000 hours outside challenge”. The premise is to spend 1000 hours outdoors in a year while staying away from screens. For us, most of those outdoor hours accumulate in the spring and summer. Check out the “1000 hours outside” website here! They have hour trackers, an app, a Facebook page, and even a book!

Here are some outdoor activities that we really enjoy:

  • backyard mud kitchen
  • blow up bouncy house
  • scavenger hunts
  • walks
  • kiddy pool
  • trampoline
  • going to the park
  • gardening
  • building forts
  • sledding
  • making snow rainbow art
  • going to the beach

Down Time & Lunch

After some outdoor playing, we are all usually ready for a rest and food. My oldest will continue with her schoolwork while my youngest and I watch TV, read books, or play quietly until her nap time. It’s during nap time that I help my oldest with school work or clean up the bedrooms and playroom.

Some quiet educational toddler activities we enjoy:

  • Counting blocks
  • Listing colors on a chart
  • Reading animal books
  • playing house or babies
  • watching Ms. Rachel or Blippi

Preparing For Dinner

Dinner prep goes a few ways depending on everyone’s mood. The kids will either help out with dinner or play nicely together (what a dream) while I cook. Either way, everyone is assigned a chore before and after dinner. This helps me out so much while instilling responsibility in the children. I try to get all of my cleaning done in this time so I don’t have any left to do once the kids go to bed but most days that is wishful thinking!

Some chores for toddlers at dinner time include:

  • getting their plates, cups, etc. if kept at their level
  • helping older siblings with their tasks
  • helping mom or dad cook
  • sweeping the floor
  • helping with the dishes

Some chores for older kids at dinner time include:

  • setting the table
  • bringing food to the table
  • gathering everyone’s drink order
  • clearing the table
  • doing the dishes

Bedtime Routine

This is arguably my favorite time of day. Not just because I can finally have a minute to myself again once the kids are tucked in but because I love nighttime snuggles and book reading. My kids have their nighttime routine down so well that my oldest loves helping my youngest get ready for bed too. Having a set bedtime schedule helps our family end the day feeling connected and peaceful.

Our Bedtime Routine:

1.Bath & brush teeth

2. Pajamas

3. Set out clothes for tomorrow

4. Read books

5. Night Prayer

After Bedtime

Once the kids go to bed, I clean up anything that wasn’t done earlier. This is normally the living room and what is left of the kitchen. I am a person who likes to go to bed with a clean house so I can wake up to a clean house. Starting my day off right is key for me to be present, productive, and happy throughout the rest of the day.

My family takes their cue from my attitude. I try really hard to give every day my best because I know my kids feed off of my energy.

Finding your happiness within the lull of stay-at-home mom life is crucial for not only you but your family. Good luck, momma. You’re doing great!

What are some of the routines that help your day as a stay-at-home mom? Let me know in the comments!

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