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Welcome to our home!

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Hi, I’m Samantha!

My husband, Drew and I, live in our not-forever home in a small town with our small children. We dream of one day owning property, raising animals, and watching our children grow up in the country. For now, we have embraced our neighborhood life full of walks, bike rides, and rotating doors. My homeschooling + homemaking journey doesn’t begin or end here though. Follow along for advice on all things motherhood so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I have!

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About me

I got my teaching degree from a small university in Michigan. I taught 3rd-5th grade for before having my daughter and staying home.

After 2020 I decided to think seriously about homeschooling. It took another year for me to work up the courage (and do enough research) to begin.

I love homemade bread! My favorite is blueberry and cream cheese sourdough bread.

I have been making homemade soap for years and love how easy it is! My goal is to one day own goats and make goat milk bar soap!

My kids – their education, health, and happiness is my passion. I feel very blessed to be their mom, teacher, cook, mentor, playmate, and yes, even cleaning crew!

You can find me here!

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