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Homeschool Room

Planning and organizing your homeschool room can be daunting. But remember, this space should be loved, messy and full of memories!

Planning your homeschool room

When planning and setting up your homeschool space it is important to consider a few things.

1. Where do you have extra space in your house?

If you have an extra room to turn into a school room, that is a great option when homeschooling. However, it’s not the only way to homeschool.

If you do not have an extra room to designate as a homeschool room you could get creative!

  • Turn a closet into a desk and storage area
  • Utilize the dining room table
  • Combine the playroom into a school and playroom
  • Use the living room
  • Turn the basement into a school area

2. Where will most of your schooling happen?

Take a moment to think about where your children spend most of their learning time. Are they outside doing science experiments in the backyard? Reading on the back deck? Sitting criss-cross on the living room floor?

You may not need a formal homeschool room in your house. You may choose to spend most of your schooling time outside or in the living room. If this is more your style, you could organize a closet or utilize the basement for school supply storage. This way you don’t overcrowd your living space and can bring the school supplies out when necessary.

If your child learns best through bookwork and sitting down at a table, it may be important to you to have a designated homeschool room or table.

Either option counts as “school”. Do what is best for you, your child, and your family. Do not worry about perfection. Most of the time, the house will be a mess regardless because kids are messy. And that’s how they learn! There is no right way when it comes to your homeschool room.

Organization + Storage

Organization in your homeschool space is mostly trial and error. It is also always changing so don’t get too stressed out if you don’t have your homeschool room perfect yet! Here are a few tips I have found helpful.


I use a lot of storage bins with labels to declutter and store school supplies in. I also painted our cabinets in the school room with chalkboard paint so we could label what each cabinet contains.

This has helped keep our supplies organized while making sure that everything has a spot. If it does not have a label or designated spot, it generally means we don’t use it and can donate it.

Desk storage

My daughter learns best by sitting at a desk or being outside. I have found that desk storage is really important for her. She has a pen/pencil rotating holder and a filing container. This helps to keep her organized.

I use a desk drawer to keep our paperwork organized. I like to have the next lesson’s papers printed and in the drawer about a week or two ahead of time. This drawer has been a lifesaver! I will link it below.

The basement

For extra storage space, I utilize our basement. I have a shelving unit set up for school supplies, crafts, and old curriculum. I like to save curriculum for my younger children to use later on. I also leave some crafts and extra supplies down there to bring out on a rainy day. This extra space is not necessary but it keeps me organized.

Home vs Classroom

Before I began my homeschooling journey, I made it a goal to homeschool and not “school at home”. My family’s homeschooling environment is what works best for us, not what works best for a classroom of 30 students.

I have found this to be critical when planning and setting up my homeschool space.

Remind yourself that you are homeschooling your child for a reason. You chose to keep them out of school. You don’t need to turn your house into a school to successfully homeschool your child. Relieve yourself of those unrealistic expectations and do what is best for your child.

Our homeschool space

Setting up our homeschool space was one of the best experiences for my daughter and I to share. We incorporated organization styles that worked best for us while being creative.

We chose to turn our homeschool room into a space that oozed happiness and creativity. We used rainbows, colorful posters, a chalk wall, and even painted our light switch covers. It is a room where I encourage crafts, mess, and fun!

Take time to find what space, style, and organization tricks work for you. It will always be a work in progress. You will always be learning new ways to make your homeschool space better. Enjoy the not-perfect, messy, loved, and growing homeschool room.

What is a must have in your homeschool room? Let me know in the comments!

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