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Homeschooling On A Budget

The ultimate list of budget friendly go-to’s when you are homeschooling on a budget.

Homeschooling is a sacrifice for many families. Let me say that again. Homeschooling is a sacrifice. One that parents make willingly and happily for their children but none the less, for most families, it causes financial strain at times.

When I began my homeschooling journey, my husband had just started a new, entry-level job. We weren’t struggling but we weren’t comfortable either. It was a really big sacrifice financially for me to stay home with our children and homeschool them. A sacrifice that I would make over and over again because I believe whole-heatedly that mom’s should stay home with their kids. However, it wasn’t always easy. My husband and I felt the financial strain a lot in those first few years.

Since then, we have learned a lot. We are in a better place financially, mentally, and are more confident in our decision to homeschool our children. Of course, if I went back to work and sent my kids to public school, our finances would greatly improve! Maybe I’d get a newer car, take that trip to Alaska I’ve always wanted, or update my kitchen. But when I think about what that would mean for my kids, it makes me stop in my tracks. I know for certain that my children are gaining way more by being homeschooled than any sort of “gain” I could obtain by working and having more money.

My husband and I promote homeschooling whenever we can because we know how important it is to teach your children at home. We also know the struggles of cutting down to one income. Sometimes it’s just not the right time to stay home. Other times, it’s possible but not wanted. We completely understand that too. We try to help homeschooling families in any way that we can – especially those with lower incomes because we’ve been there.

Luckily for homeschoolers, there are discounts and deals that can help with curriculum, adventures, and shopping. I have made the ultimate “homeschooling on a budget” list that will help you save a few bucks here and there.

1. Thrift Stores + Yard Sales

The first place to always check is your local thrift store. Not only can you find books and chalk boards but they have great deals on clothes and furniture, too! Some things I have found recently include:

  • kid’s clothes and pajamas
  • chapter books – Little House on the Prairie set
  • glass kithchen containers
  • chalkboard easel

Now, don’t even get me started on yard sales! You can find some gems! Most neighborhoods (and cities) have designated yard sale weekends in the summer. These are the best because you can hop from house to house shopping.

You can also make a little money having your own yard sale. This is perfect for the mom who needs to get rid of some toys, kid’s clothes that no longer fit, old curriculum, or out of style clothes of her own!

2. Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is such a great resource for anyone but especially a homeschooling mom. You can find some great deals in your local area. They now offer shipping! You can sell some of your own things on Facebook and make a few bucks, also.

There are quite a few Facebook Groups that are only for buying and selling curriculum. Some are homeschooling curriculum in general. Others are curriculum specific. For example, we use The Good and the Beautiful curriculum. I have bought a few of our books through a Facebook Group for only The Good and the Beautiful items. If you would like to learn more about this curriculum see my review HERE.

Buying through Mercari and Ebay are other great resources to utilize when trying to save a penny. Most of the time you can bid or offer lower than asking price. I have found some curriculum books, chapter books, strollers, and home decor on both Mercari and Ebay for great prices. I’m sure there are other buy/sell websites like these but these have been the ones I have used.

3. Homeschool Deals For Adventures

Discounts for homeschoolers vary by state and city when it comes to museums, zoo’s, aquariums, etc. I would suggest searching around your area for homeschool deals. Most places have homeschooler discounts or homeschool group discounts.

If you are located in Michigan and can gather a few homeschoolers, here is a list of places that give homeschooling group discounts around the Detroit area. We have been to all of these and highly recommend them!

“Homeschool week” is a popular event around the Detroit area for homeschoolers. Many places offer a discount for homeschoolers during this week! Sea Life Aquarium at the Great Lakes Mall is one that offers a discount associated with other stores in the mall for homeschoolers during this time of year. You don’t want to miss out on this adventure if you live around Metro Detroit!

Another great adventure opportunity is The Great Wolf Lodge. A vacation with a discount? Yes, please! Check your closest Great Wolf Lodge as dates and prices vary by location.

4. Stores With Homeschool/Teacher Deals

Note: If you need to make a teacher or student ID you can easily do this for free on Canva.


  • Homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s easy to buy all of the “things” that you think are necessary to homeschool such as curriculum, art supplies, computers, etc. However, I’ve learned over the years that homeschooling can be done really well with really little.
  • Children were made to learn. Give your children opportunities to learn everyday by encouraging them to help out around the house, sing songs, read books, go on adventures, ride a bike, go to the beach, etc. Children don’t need all of the “things” to learn.
  • Plan a free adventure once or twice a week depending on your schedule. This could be the library, park, play date, walk into town, or Farmer’s Market.
  • Plan a field trip once a month. This could be on your own or with a homeschooling group.
  • Budget out the school year. This will help you decide on the necessities for curriculum and other activities while also budgeting in “fun money” for adventures and field trips.

Comment any other deals and discounts you have found so I can add them to this list!

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  • Crystal Green

    I have been homeschooling for over fifteen years and graduated two of the three kids. My daughter is the last one left. We have been able to use various homeschool programs throughout the years. We’ve found that you can homeschool for free or at low costs in so many ways! It does not have to break the bank to homeschool our kids.

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