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The Good And The Beautiful Language Arts

The homeschooling curriculum, The Good and the Beautiful language arts, is a Christian based curriculum available for free or for purchase.

What is The Good and the Beautiful?

The Good and the Beautiful homeschool curriculum is a Christian based curriculum for homeschooling families. This company offers multiple subjects and grades to be downloaded for free or for purchase.

This curriculum company was created by a homeschool mom. The lessons are filled with enjoyable content while integrating God. Click here to see their about information.

Both language arts and math, are available for free to download. This is one of the amazing features this company has. Anyone who would like to homeschool has access to language arts and math PDF’s for all grades from kindergarten to seventh grade in math and kindergarten to eighth grade in language arts. There are also science curriculum available for free downloading. Currently, the marine biology unit is free! All you need to do is type in your email address!

The Good and the Beautiful also offer free books, apps, videos, songs, and more! Even if you don’t use this curriculum in a core subject, they have many great resources available on their website.

The Good and the Beautiful language arts and math workbooks

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts

The Good and the Beautiful offers language arts curriculum from preschool through high school including high school honors reading studies. Kindergarten through eighth grade curriculum is free when downloaded. All grades have extra books, reading cards, journals, answer books, etc. for purchase. You can purchase the full course for the grade which includes all extras or pick and chose what you would like to order. It is not necessary to purchase the whole set for your child to be able to complete the course.

This curriculum is ready to go when you open the book! There is no prep needed on your part. There are lesson videos your child can watch on The Good and the Beautiful app instead of a parent reading through the lesson written in the book. This is a good way to mix things up especially on a busy day!

On The Good and the Beautiful website, there is a placement test for your child to take to determine which language arts level they’re at. The levels correlate with grades but it is still important to take the placement test as your child may be above or below the school grade they are in. The placement test is a quick PDF checklist.

On the website, there are also sample pages you can view before downloading or purchasing your intended grade level curriculum. I love this option as it shows what is being taught in each unit of the book.

Tip – There are many Facebook groups that you can join that are all about The Good and the Beautiful!

The Good and the Beautiful language arts and spelling books

Other Subjects

The Good and the Beautiful offer more than just language arts. They have:

  • math
  • science
  • handwriting
  • History and US constitution
  • Electives such as typing

They offer curriculum for preschool up through high school. Note that the preschool grades are not available for free to download. Only language arts and math are available to be downloaded. All other subjects have to be purchased and shipped as a hard copy.

Why We Chose The Good and the Beautiful

We chose to use the Good and the Beautiful because of the homeschool parents who raved about it. I heard so many good things about this curriculum that I just had to try it out. I’m so glad that we did!

My oldest daughter and I have used The Good and Beautiful language arts for one year. I was skeptical at first because many people either love this curriculum or don’t like it at all. This was our second year homeschooling and I was looking for a change in pace so I decided to give it a try thinking if we didn’t love it, we could switch to something else.

The first two days were a bit long. I was nervous that the lessons were going to be too time intensive and my 3rd grader may lose interest. However, by the third day we had gotten into a rhythm and started enjoying the lessons more. We really dived into the place and characters that were shown in each lesson!

This gave my daughter more than just a language arts lesson that day. We learned about language arts, spelling, geography, social emotional skills, essay writing, artists, and more. I was shocked with all of the school subjects we touched on in just this “language arts” curriculum.

I plan on using this curriculum for future grades and with my other children!

The Good and the Beautiful language arts artist study and spelling book

Why We Like It

I love that the curriculum integrates other areas of study into their language arts lesson. I also love the real world scenarios and places that are incorporated into the curriculum. I am a big fan of including religion in all areas of our lives, why not include it in our schooling too! My 3rd grader is engaged, learning, and having fun! I couldn’t ask for anything else.

As she gets older, we will continue to choose curriculum based on her needs and desires in learning. We may find that one day this isn’t the best curriculum for her. Or we may decide that just one subject from The Good and the Beautiful fits our needs, while another curriculum is better suited for another subject. I love the freedom that homeschooling gives our family when it comes to curriculum. Check out the other reasons I love to homeschool here.

The Good and the Beautiful language arts

If you have used The Good and Beautiful language arts let me know how you liked it below!

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